Jahnnis Man

Jahnnis Man aka ”Gouro” is an independent artist based inna Crete island .At a young age, rastafarian culture was a big part of his life , at the age of 19 Jahnnis Man start singing jamaican patois with a raggamuffin , rub a dub and dancehall style!!At the same time Jahnnis Man was involved in deejaying, hosting event with Reggae and generally Caribbean music.The past few years, Jahnnis man has held performances throughout the whole island.During his performances he has found himself on stage with very well known reggae artist, such as Professor Skank, Blend Miskhin, DjTzinas, Daddy Vertigo, MrbigK and with somes local artist such as Bredda Mainas, Selecta Farmabwoi , Positive Vibes and Rasta Monkeys.
What’s more, He has attended many sound system events where he has had the opportunity to perform,on a reggae-hiphop stage, next to Cptn Kirk, Vertical Speech and dj Mosek.